Small Kitchen Extension Ideas For 2022

Planning is vital while looking for Small Kitchen Extension Ideas. Find the best kitchen expansion concept for you and use it.

If you’re looking for ideas for small kitchen additions that are both beautiful and practical, we’ve got you covered. In any case, welcome to our world of beautiful yet attainable goals.

 This collection of our favorite small kitchen extension ideas before and after that proves that even if you don’t have a lot of room, you can still do great things. 

Adding an expansion to the kitchen is a common desire for most homeowners. As a bonus, they’re a great way to create the open-plan area that’s becoming a need for contemporary living. 

Also, don’t assume you can’t build an addition because the kitchen is small or you will not have a huge amount of land to expand onto.

Robert Wood, the Managing Director of Simply Construction Group, says that there are three basic kinds of kitchen extensions, each of which has distinct suitability for various houses. 

“A rear expansion extends into the garden, a side-return utilizes dead space along the property’s exterior, and a wrap-around extension connects these in the corner,” explains the director. 

For a modest kitchen addition, aside from returns are the greatest choice since it increases the breadth of your kitchen and gives the impression of additional space. Adding a back addition is less common when there is little yard space, although they are suitable for almost every kind of home.

Adding a side porch to open up the floor plan or a glass box addition to letting in more natural light are just a few of the many options available to you no matter what the size of your home. Just take a look at these rooms, none are really large, but all of them are quite lovely.

Location Selection For A Kitchen Extension Ideas UK

Planning is the most important part of any kitchen addition, regardless of its size. As a result, the very first step is figuring out where your expansion will be situated. The small kitchen extension ideas before and after.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas

 If you have a small kitchen, don’t let that discourage you from trying anything like a rear return kitchen. Kitchen extensions ideas UK will not disappoint you. It’s possible to build an addition to the back of your home provided you have enough room in your yard. Adding a light-filled extension to your kitchen may make a significant impact. Use the small kitchen conservatory extension ideas.

It’s also possible to add a tiny conservatory to your kitchen, either at the rear or on the side. In addition, to opt for looking chicer, they may be a more cost-effective option.

Even for minor kitchen additions, “side return small kitchen extension ideas” remain the most effective design solution. If you don’t have enough room on the sides of your house, Robert Wood says, you can always expand into your garden.

For small side extension ideas, glass extensions look elegant while providing abundant natural light. The drawback is that they aren’t very well insulated, so you could be chilly in the winter and too hot in the summer. 

However, a skylight on the roof or fixed glass panels may fill the space with light. For minor expansions, bi-folding or sliding doors, for example, may help make the space seem more expansive.’

For Instance: For Small side extension ideas, small extension ideas are ideal since they don’t take up much area but may transform your present kitchen into the open plan room you’ve always wanted.

 If you have limited space on the sides of your property, terraced dwellings are the most common choice. Filling this void will allow you to increase the size of your kitchen without taking up any of your outside space.

A design that includes several roof lights will allow you to bring in more natural light into your kitchen. Everyone wants to create an open, breezy vibe in their homes, and this will help them reach that goal.

Just keep in mind that obtaining planning approval for side returns may be more difficult if you want to construct your home near to the homes of neighbors. 

Or it’s simple to create the illusion of more space by integrating your kitchen addition with your outside area. For a smooth transition between the kitchen and patio, use minimalist bi-fold doors with flooring that can be used in both locations.

During the warmer months, keeping the doors open and making use of the outside space as an extension of the inside is a joy. Additionally, even in the dead of winter, the room is well-lit, allowing you to arrange your furnishings so that it looks out into the garden.

Types Of Extension:

Kitchen extensions ideas UK Installing extensions to your small side extension ideas is worth it if you are ready to spend some cash on remolding your space. But even before starting you should consider the types of extensions that are preferred by people while redesigning. Here are the 4 common small kitchen extensions types:

1. Add Glass Box Small Kitchen Extension Layout Plans:

Kitchens may benefit greatly from the addition of small glass extensions, which not only add visual appeal but also provide an abundance of natural light. When creating window seats, box windows are commonly employed, but this glass extension from IQ Glass provides important area to the kitchen as well as architectural appeal.

2. Add Pitched Roof Extension:

Small kitchen extension layout plans should include the notion of pitched roofs while designing. It’s a good idea to consider a pitched roof addition for your kitchen expansion if you want to boost the ceiling length and the feeling of space in the room.

3. Add View Through Extension:

If you’re building a modest kitchen addition, consider using features like picture windows and big glass patio doors to better link the space to the outside.

Also, if your tiny expansion allows for a “see through” from other places of your home, such the family room or hallway, you may enjoy views of your garden from these areas as well. As a result, extra work, such as the removal of interior walls, may be necessary.

4. Banquette Seating Extension:

In small kitchen conservatory extension ideas, built-in or banquette sitting is an excellent space-saver by eliminating the need for seats. Banquette seating may make a difference among having a dining room table in your kitchen or not, even if you simply enlarge your small side extension ideas by a few meters.

Kitchen Shape & Design

In addition, you’ll want to keep in mind the arrangement of your current kitchen when designing your expansion. It’s possible that your design will be dictated by your preference for a certain arrangement.


Our brief rundown of your possibilities is below, but be sure to peruse our article on kitchen layout design for much more information.

1. U-Shape Layouts: 

You may achieve a similar impression by putting a breakfast bar on one side extension ideas layout of the U-shape if you don’t have room for an island in your open-plan kitchen area. They are also ideal for limited places since they maximize storage and work surfaces. Assemble an L-shape by starting with a long bare wall and thinking about where appliances will go. A decent place to begin is here. The remainder of your fixtures and appliances will automatically fall into place once these three are in place, says George.

2. L-Shape Layout: 

Creating an open plan effect in your tiny kitchen expansion is easy with L-shaped kitchen ideas. A dining table or island may be placed in the middle of this layout, making it ideal for entertaining guests. To generate a feeling of openness and informality, look to include the eating area. This is not as economical as a U-shape configuration, but if done properly, this layout will provide the right balance among defined boundaries in the kitchen and dining spaces and an open floor plan layout.’ George suggests.

3. Galley Kitchen Layout: 

While it may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you’re planning on expanding your kitchen, galley kitchen plans are an excellent option for those who want to maximize space in a small kitchen conservatory extension ideas.’ For more information on how to maximize the space in a galley kitchen, go here. French doors and glass side extension ideas layout panels should be installed in the garden. The distance between two rows of cupboard units should be at least 1100mm, and there should be enough high-level cupboard space invested.

Small Kitchen Extension Ideas

1. Comfortable Sitting Arrangement: 

Increasing the size of a kitchen doesn’t necessarily necessitate creating extra prep or storage space. When it comes to tiny kitchen design ideas, it’s possible to include a “hangout” space for family and visitors. While designing a Victorian home, architect John Lum substituted a rear porch off of the kitchen with a sitting space that can be used for both entertaining and family time. With 10 foot wood-paneled ceilings, a metal fireplace, and large southern-facing windows, this sitting space is the perfect companion to the modern kitchen. Since the preparation area is “more inside constrained,” Lum stresses the need of extra lighting. There’s just one window, and it’s really slender.”

2. A Tall Order Extension:

Having the kitchen on one wall of this little but tall expansion is a perfect fit for the space. As a result, the microwave has been placed on a shelf above the work table. On the other side of the room, you’ll find cabinets, a sink, and a huge fridge freezer. 

The dark glossy concrete wall is well complemented by the exquisite glass knobs pendants thanks to the large Crittall-style doors.

An interior content design organization helmed by Design’d Living founder and lead designer Rob Lessman has this to say: “It’s all about storage in tiny kitchen additions. 

Your kitchen expansion should be able to maximize storage without becoming overbearing.” Some lighting ideas are also Rob’s. His response is that lighting is also critical. 

Think about the location of job lighting like overhead spotlights where you’ll be cooking, mood lights like muted LED strips on the cabinets, and secondary mood lighting like pendant lights above a breakfast bar/dining table when designing your kitchen.

Finally, he has a wealth of wisdom to provide with regard to color. In order to create the illusion of more space, Rob recommends using neutral color palettes. What you should do is choose a glossier finish, which will reflect and beam more light.

3. Seamless Transition:

Having been owned by the very same household since it was erected in 1865, this townhouse was in need of a significant facelift when Michael Ferzoco’s client acquired it. 

The project team dismantled a previous addition and rebuilt it with a larger extension that has a vaulted ceiling and a larger kitchen and adequate room for a sitting area. 

Moreover, despite the inclusion of a higher ceiling, skylights, and a wall of windows, the room still seems cozy and welcoming because of the wooden planks, which offer a feeling of history and character.

 In other words, Ferzoco explains, “We wanted this addition to be able to communicate with the rest of the home.” “We trimmed it down so that it would fit in with the ancient building.”

How To Extend A Small Kitchen

Some things are best when you leave to professionals. Because they will walk you through different ideas and clear out your mind before the renovation.

Open Kitchen Cabinet

For Instant let’s think of a scenario where you are confused between choosing Orangeries and Conservatories extensions. So, let me give you a an idea on Conservatories VS Orangeries and let you decide why should consult a professional.

1. Conservatories:

Conservatories, which are often connected to the back of a house, are mostly made of glass and were initially designed to promote the development of plants. As a result, if you’re looking for a little additional space in your house, consider adding on a conservatory.

Full-glass walls and roofs are other hallmarks of conservatories, and they typically blend in with the architecture of the house they are attached to. 

In addition, you may want to choose a brick color that matches the rest of your home, as well as uPVC or wood windows that match your current windows. Take a glance at our article on deciding on the form of your conservatory for some design ideas.

2. Orangeries:

Originally constructed for the nobility, orangeries are now a popular architectural element in British homes.

Like greenhouses, orangeries were formerly used to cultivate plants, but today serve than year living place for its occupants. The roof of an orangery is made out of interior pelmets with glass panels that are supported by columns.

Orangeries, unlike conservatories, are not generally attached to the back of a home. A distinct free-standing building, like greenhouses, is common in gardens. Having a personal reading nook or music room is ideal if you like reading or listening to music in peace and quiet.

So, what do you think is it not better off if you leave it to the professionals instead of DIYing it yourself after watching TikTok?

Kitchen Extension Cost

The kitchen is the heart and soul of every home, and it’s perhaps the most important room in it. Extensions to the kitchen are one of the most common home additions, which should come as no surprise.

When it comes to home renovation projects, there are several variables to consider, and any of them may have a considerable influence on the cost.

The average cost of a kitchen addition in the United Kingdom is £30,000. In contrast, in London, the price rises to about £50,000 per square foot.

However, this price might vary greatly around these amounts, including tradesmen, flooring, kind of kitchen, and finishing. A tiny, simple addition may be as low as £12,000, while a high-quality, custom addition can cost up to £100,000 or more.

Expect to spend anything from $1500 to $3000 per square foot.

In Conclusion, hopefully, this article answers all your queries before building a kitchen. If you’ve learned anything from this article, we’d love to hear about it in the comments section below.

Common Queries About Small Kitchen Extension Ideas

Do you have to notify the Neighbors for permission for an extension?

Your place, your work! You don’t need to notify your neighbors or take their permission for working at your place. However, if your extension extends to their property like their yard then you might want to take their permission to avoid Legal Notices. 

How long does it take to do a kitchen extension?

As soon as you’ve selected a contractor and scheduled start date, call your kitchen designer for placing your order and schedule a delivery date. Large projects may take up to a year or more to complete and can take anything from six months to a year on average.

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