How to Repair Chipped High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Kitchen cabinet doors that have been scratched and damaged can be a source to answer your question on How to Repair Chipped High Gloss Kitchen Doors.

Construction sites and home builders are a primary source of repair work for The Refinishing Touch. Sites often have strategies in place to safeguard exposed surfaces. Corrugated or plastic sheeting is often used to cover doors, window frames, and flooring.

With so many people on site hauling and utilizing heavy equipment, some amount of damage is probably unavoidable. As seen by the damaged and chipped kitchen cabinet doors. Repairing this kind of damage generally requires the use of trained professionals who can perform invisible repairs.

Tips on How to Repair Chipped High Gloss Kitchen Doors

Damage Might Result From Carelessness

Chips and scratches to flooring, doors, window frames, tiles, sanitary ware, panes of glass, furniture, countertops, vanity units, and white goods may all be caused by negligence on the job site.

Professional Maintenance


Professionals serviced a number of kitchen cabinets at a huge development in London’s East End. These are particularly difficult to fix when the scratch or chip is in the center of a high gloss panel. The degree of complexity rises with contemporary kitchen down lighting. The brightness of the lighting makes any flaw more visible.

Damaged, Scratched and Cracked Kitchen Cabinet Door


Fortunately, the cabinet doors this week had a low gloss (satin) finish. Unfortunately, the damage on the door can be deep and noticeable. The lights were likewise aimed squarely at the door panel. It was critical to achieving an exact colour match.

The damage cannot be sprayed unless the technician first removes the scratch. If it is deep, as in this case, the finisher will have used body filler.

Making Things Worse Before They Get Better

The technician removes the scratch and fills it. He smooths the surface with wet and dry sandpaper after the filler has hardened. He finishes by sanding the repair smooth and flush with the rest of the surface with extremely fine sandpaper.

My colleague used a degreaser to clean the area that was about to be sprayed. Finally, he sprayed the surface of the kitchen door with the colour-matched new finish. He feathered in the edges of the repaired scratched and chipped kitchen cabinet doors, blending the new finish into the rest of the door.

He let the new surface dry after he finished spraying it. Complete the job and move on to the next piece of damage.

How Do Professionals Repair Laminate Flooring?


Did you know that Refinishing Touch offers laminate flooring repair? It is a component of a comprehensive flooring restoration solution that also covers marble and ceramic tiles. Whatever the material, we can help you avoid the exorbitant expense of installing a new floor by providing skilled, high-quality repairs.

Wood is an excellent flooring material that may look wonderful, but it does present its own set of issues. Wood, like other surfaces, is susceptible to scratches, fractures, chips, and gouges. However, since each piece of wood has a distinct grain pattern, fixing it efficiently entails more than merely filling and refinishing.

Despite the greater durability that laminate flooring normally provides, this difficulty applies to it just as much as solid wood flooring. In addition, unlike many other floor surfaces, laminate and solid wood floors are susceptible to water damage.

Fortunately, we have a solution to these problems: a professional service that can restore damaged and worn laminate flooring to like-new condition.

Including Laminate Flooring Repairs

In order to blend the Repair Gloss Kitchen Doors in with the wood grain of the affected area, an invisible repair to laminate flooring – and indeed solid wood flooring – requires a level of artistry. 

This is a Competence That Our Professionals Have in the Following Procedure:

1 – First, the floor is carefully cleaned. The best way to clean high-gloss kitchen cupboard doors is an important element of surface preparation that is sometimes forgotten by DIYers.

2 – Our technicians will then prepare and fill the damaged area.

3 – The next step is to match the colour and grain pattern.

4 – Finally, a durable lacquer is applied. This seals and stabilizes the repair while also protecting it from further wear and tear.

A Service For Both Homebuilders And Homeowners

This is a service that is offered to house builders as well as domestic customers to Repair Gloss Kitchen Doors and any damage before handing over properties to new owners.

The majority of women (and men) find that viewing bright objects makes them joyful. It can be the gleaming diamonds on your engagement ring or just gorgeous white high gloss kitchens.

In relation to kitchens, white kitchens give any home an airy, clean vibe. White kitchens never go out of style, whether they are conventional or modern, despite some homeowners’ worries about maintenance and preventing those cupboards from becoming black.

The best way to keep your kitchen sparkling is to never use it. Nevertheless, who wouldn’t utilize their kitchens for cooking and even eating?

If you persist in cooking, as many of us do, you will undoubtedly have grease buildup and discoloured work surfaces. All of the unpleasant or sticky items are there, along with any leftover food, drinks, or components.

This demonstrates that keeping a kitchen in such a condition is a challenging endeavour to undertake. The best way to clean high gloss kitchen cupboard doors is one of the most fundamental activities.

The fact of the matter is, on the other hand, that keeping a shining white kitchen does not require you to go above and beyond. All that is necessary is sound judgment and a few pointers in the right direction.

High Gloss Acrylic Kitchen Cabinet Doors



Cabinet doors made of acrylic are available in a wide range of colours and finishes, making them an ideal choice for use in any modern interior design scheme. Doors made of acrylic are offered in a high gloss finish, a matte finish, and a variety of one-of-a-kind ornamental designs, including timber tones.

The longevity of the product is shown by the fact that acrylic sheets are 17 times more durable than glass. Acrylic is very simple to deal with since it can be sawed, routed, drilled, painted, and cemented. These are only some of the capabilities of the material.

Advantages of Using Acrylic Doors

  • An alternative to glass that is lighter and stronger;
  • Excellent resistance to the damaging effects of ultraviolet light;
  •  Easy to manufacture, build, and glue;
  •  Low water absorption

Final Thoughts

The appearance of high-gloss kitchen cabinets, in addition to other important facts of which you should be aware, will unquestionably serve as an eye-catching feature. 

Not only do they provide an air of brightness to the space, but they also do an excellent job of making a confined area appear more expansive. If you want to make your own cabinet design, you need to get familiar with the many styles that high-gloss cabinets may take on. This is a must if you wish to build your own cabinet design.

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