Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

When it comes to creating a fashionable and highly practical kitchen, kitchen islands are a must-have. A kitchen island may be installed in the centre of a compact kitchen, where it can function as extra storage, counter space, and even seating.

You may get the benefits of all of these while also exercising your creative licence to create and design your unique kitchen island in any way you see fit and according to your preferences.

Installing a unique kitchen island allows you to make the most of your available space in your kitchen by converting it into a piece of multi-functional furniture. This is also how a kitchen island may be accommodated in even the smallest of kitchens.

The layout and dimensions are the most important considerations. Take into consideration how people will move about in your kitchen and how you may increase the flow of people through the space.

There are many various sorts of kitchen islands, each with its own distinct design. You may go through them and choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences. And if you want to be completely unusual and one-of-a-kind, there are things you may do to achieve that goal.

Unique Kitchen Island Ideas & Designs In 2022 That You Should Try

For unique kitchen islands, When you decide to create your kitchen island distinctive, you have to spend your time, effort, money, and imagination on it in order to remain effective. And the greatest thing you can build for your kitchen island is to make it useful, practical, and distinctive all at the same time.

Kitchen islands are straightforward to design provided you agree on their classic style and usage. However, if you are open to new ideas, you may start with these easy methods to make your kitchen island special and unique.

1. Create A Focal Point With The Kitchen Island

Allow your kitchen island to serve as more than a simple surface for  unique kitchen island. One thing you might do is build it to function as a shelf as well. This can fit your home’s décor as well as little trinkets that will enhance the overall visual appeal of your kitchen.

Ceramics, glassware, and other treasures that you may have stowed away may all be displayed on this shelf. Stop concealing your collections and put them on show!

2. Make Your Kitchen More Colorful

Using your kitchen island to add color to your kitchen is a great idea. Colors that are complementary and matching may be used to give your kitchen personality.

colorful kitchen
Colorful Kitchen

If you want a more dramatic effect, use hues that are diametrically opposed to one another. Simply ensure that the countertop is warm and appealing to the touch, as well as being clean to the eye.

Unusual Kitchen Island with a black quartz side and a white quartz countertop in a contemporary style.

Quartz is also used to create an eye-catching look, which is further enhanced by the marble pattern on the black quartz surface. The white quartz countertop was selected in order to provide a clean and uncluttered environment.

2. Kitchen With Hardwood Flooring And A Blue Center Island In A Traditional Style

Some unique kitchen island ideas, a traditional kitchen, has hardwood flooring and a blue center island, provides a vast surface space on which people may walk freely. The blue kitchen island that can be put in the middle of the room is a unique addition in terms of color, but it is also a practical one in terms of more storage and workspace.

Because of the drawers and cabinets on the kitchen island, it may be used not only as a counter but also as additional storage space.

3. Hanging Lights

One of the most interesting kitchen island ideas is to illuminate your kitchen island with modern hanging lights, which are both stylish and functional.

Hanging lights
Hanging Lights

Hanging lights, in addition to providing apparent purpose, may also serve to create a fashion statement and give character to your kitchen. Installing these lights over your kitchen island will give you the best visual impact.

Furthermore, while deciding on the number of lights to be installed, odd numbers are believed to be more visually pleasing than even ones, according to some.

Unique Kitchen Island Shapes

1. Triangular Kitchen Island Topped With Ella Matte

Ascertain that your kitchen serves as a focal point for family gatherings by including an island that allows everyone to be a part of the activity. This Ella Matte island’s unique form is excellent for eating and conversation. The triangle design of the kitchen island provides additional seating, and the concentrated sink keeps you engaged when preparing or cleaning. One of the most beautiful decor ideas for kitchen island.

Additionally, the angular island defines the kitchen area in an open plan structure, and the neutral color palette with white quartz counters makes the room ageless. The kitchen’s design is completed with glass chandeliers, two-tone cabinets, and industrial stools.

2. Kitchen Island With Many Tiers And Two Distinct Countertop Designs

Another of the trending kitchen islands. A kitchen island with tiers may establish distinct zones for prep, cleaning, cooking, and eating. With its multi-tiered design and black-and-white Rose Bay and navy Hadley countertops, this floating island exudes modern flair. 

The strong quartz countertop combo is complemented by black-stripe design on the island base and perimeter shelves. Rose Bay countertops are shaped like a L and include different layers for cooking and prep. With black barrel stools, the navy Hadley cliffside countertop forms a sophisticated eating bar.

3. Two-Tier Brittanicca Kitchen Island With Eating Bar

With a quartz eating bar wrapped around one side of the classic rectangular-shaped island, this two-tiered Brittanicca kitchen island puts a modern spin on history. With a broad mitered edge profile, the Brittanicca dining bar highlights more of the stunning gray veining. 

Cambria styles like Brittanicca are a durable and stain-resistant alternative to marble, making them ideal for enjoying a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine.

4. Ella Countertops On A Curved Kitchen Island

With driftwood cabinets and marbled Ella countertops, this curving island produces swoon-worthy seaside flair, which is accented with a wood range hood. 

The island design denotes the kitchen’s limit in the open-plan room and offers a discussion area large enough to seat five people comfortably.

Kitchen Island Decorating Accessories

For some trending kitchen islands, because the kitchen is the center of the house and the island is the center point of the kitchen, the accessories you choose for your island will be visible all of the time, which makes them quite significant.

kitchen island decorating accessories
Decorating Accessories

So, what kinds of accessories can you use to dress it up? We’ve made it simple for you by offering our top ten style pieces that you may put on your kitchen island right now!

1. Tray

When it comes to keeping your island tidy, a tray is a terrific tool for corralling all of the stuff. The colors, designs, and textures are endless and may be customized to match any kitchen design or decor style. This can be one of the apartment kitchen island ideas.

2. Vase

For kitchen islands, we choose beautiful vases, whether it is one solitary vase filled with foliage or a set of three colorful vases. If you want a neutral style that is nevertheless eye-catching, go for an opposing texture. If you want to make a more dramatic statement, opt for pattern and color.

3. Candle

Citronella candles are the ideal complement to any island since they provide both fragrance and illumination to your area. If you have the space, go large, or go tiny if you only want to add another layer to your outfit.

4. Large Display Bowl

Another of the apartment kitchen island ideas, a bowl may also be used to manage your island’s contents. Make it as large as possible to accommodate fruit, vegetables, or table linens. Make the bowl cool and fascinating by utilizing textures and colors that are in stark contrast to the rest of your countertop.

5. A Cutting Board

When not used for slicing food, cutting boards may also be used as a tray to hold other items such as plates and bowls. They offer so much depth and dimension! Furthermore, they seem entirely natural when they are left on the island since they belong there.

Kitchen Island Trends

Some amazing kitchen island ideas are- textured walls and Centerspace Table Pendant lights, which is paired with BassamFellows tractor stools from Design Within Reach.

kitchen island trends
Kitchen Island Trends

 Ceramic-inspired walls offer color to the space while keeping the rest of the room clean and uncluttered.

1. It’s Time To Mix It Up: Cool Kitchen Ideas

An island with a black-lacquered Corian top is featured in the kitchen, which is decorated in white and black and has antique flowers.

2. White Is Used As A Contrast Color: Cool Kitchen Ideas

Make use of white to provide contrast to wooden and orange-tinted elements in your design. The green vegetable, strategically placed in the corners, offers just enough color to balance out the white.

3. Bringing Roses To The Rescue

With the addition of trendy pendant lights in gold, roses may be transformed into a stunning centrepiece. Designed by Leroy Street Studio and furnished by Christine Markatos Lowe, the kitchen is centered on an enormous island.

4. Woods That Are Warm

KWC sink fittings are used in the kitchen which has a massive oak-top island. This is also one of the amazing kitchen island ideas.

5. Farmhouse In The Rustic Style

Antique Tunisian tile from Exquisite Surfaces is used as a vibrant backsplash. The kitchen is illuminated by Formations pendant lights, and the marble counters are ideal for bringing in a touch of rural style.

6. Pink and Gold Are the Colors Of The Season

An overlapping table in Corian with gold inlay, together with seats. The island can have cabinets finished in gold leaf and stools.

7. Counter Maze

A symphony of reflected surfaces can be created with the use of a counter Maze design with mirror surfaces incorporated in the island counter, polished stainless-steel panels. All of these elements contribute to a symphony of reflected surfaces.

8. Marbles And Metals

marbles and metals
Marbles & Metals

An island encased in unlacquered brass and capped with Breccia Imperiale marble from Artistic Tile is the focal point, which also can have cabinets and butcher-block worktops.

9. Marigold

Add a little flash of color to a large kitchen island with a window facing the living room, which is otherwise all white with gray accessories and black stools. The flowers are the main attraction.

10. Neutrals

A wonderful combination of all neutrals arranged abundantly, the browns, grays, blacks, and whites, together with natural plants and purple flowers, come together to form a re-create table kitchen island.

Final Verdict

For kitchen islands 2022, it is trending! Cooking islands are small, self-contained setups that are meant to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your home’s kitchen space. The traditional unit is rectangular in shape, with one portion of the unit often acting as a breakfast bar.

See what you don’t have in your kitchen by taking a quick look about you.

Using the kitchen with a partner is more challenging, and the golden triangle is off-centre in this case. As a result, you’ll find yourself spending more time in the kitchen, but with less headaches as a result. There is no need to worry about how to fit an island into your kitchen.

Common Questions & Answers About Unique Kitchen Island Ideas

  • How Do I Make My Kitchen Island Stand Out?

    The best way to make your kitchen island stand out is to add a few key touches. Start by adding a few additional storage options. A variety of baskets, drawers, and cabinets can help add additional space and organization to your island. Add some decorative touches to your island. A fun collection of knick-knacks or plants can provide a personal touch to your kitchen island. Finally, make sure to provide some added seating with leather reclining chairs and ottomans. These extra touches will go a long way in making your kitchen island feel more personal and functional.

  • What Can I Use Instead Of A Kitchen Island?

    There are many things that you can use instead of a kitchen island, and the most common ones include bookshelf units, ottomans, and countertops. Bookshelves can be used to store books, magazines, or other materials. Ottomans provide seating comfort, and countertops can be used to store or prepare food.

  • Should Kitchen Island Be Different Color Than Cabinets?

    No, it should not be a different color or different material from the cabinets. The kitchen island should be the same color and same material as the cabinets. As you may know, different materials can affect the appearance of kitchen islands. Even though natural wood has a beautiful color, it may accumulate moisture and become sticky which can lead to the crackling sound that kitchen islands have. If you have a glass-top kitchen island, you may want to choose a material that is more modern and less obvious to the guests. No matter what material you choose, please make sure that it matches the rest of your kitchen decor.

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